Cognitive Systems Research Group

The Cognitive Systems group at Reutlingen University develops applications based on Computer-Vision, Machine-Learning and Computer-Graphics in combination with methods for modeling human cognitive processes. Highly controllable and realistic settings, real-world sensor data and simulations, let us perform advanced experiments and at the same time provides novel frameworks to design and optimize processes within innovative Human-Machine-Interfaces.

The Cognitive Systems Team 2017
The Cognitive Systems Team 2017.

Recent news
Our human-centered research mentioned in the news | 12.2019 Our research on human-centered assistance systems based on artificial intelligence has been mention in the new of the Schwaebisches Tagblatt.
New research project with the RBZ in AI | 12.2019

We are part of a new AI collaboration together with the RBZ.

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New paper at 3DV 2019 | 07.2019

Our new work to bridge the gap between simulated and real world sensor data will be featured at 3DV.

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New ministry funded automotive AI-project | 07.2019 We are partner in the new automotive AI project family funded by the German ministry for the next three years (2020-2022) more info soon.
Technology Review article on AI learns to learn | 07.2019

Our simulation work to train artifical perceiving systems has been featured in Technology Review.

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Interview on our current acitivities | 03.2019

Interview on our research acitivities appeared in our Camplus Magazine.

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ICRA paper 2019 accepted | 01.2019

Congrats to Thomas Gulde and the whole team.

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New HFSW Master program on Autonomous Driving | 01.2019

New Master on Autonomous Driving starting in winter of 2019.

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Bild der Wissenschaft - Gestaltung Digitaler Zukunft im Südwesten | 01.2019

Our neurorobotics research project was featured in a special publication from the BW-Württemberg foundation “Wie Forscher aus dem Südwesten die digitale Zukunft gestalten [www]" in the December 2018 edition of the German science magazine “Bild der Wissenschaft”.

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Talk at Studium Generale - Artificial Intelligence | 12.2018

Vortrag at the Studium Generale, Kuenstliche Intelligenz, Verantwortung fuer die Gesellschaft.

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