Cognitive Systems Research Group

The Cognitive Systems group at Reutlingen University develops applications based on Computer-Vision, Machine-Learning and Computer-Graphics in combination with methods for modeling human cognitive processes. Highly controllable and realistic settings, real-world sensor data and simulations, let us perform advanced experiments and at the same time provides novel frameworks to design and optimize processes within innovative Human-Machine-Interfaces.

The Cognitive Systems Team 2017
The Cognitive Systems Team 2017.

Recent news
New paper at 3DV 2019 | 07.2019

Our new work to bridge the gap between simulated and real world sensor data will be featured at 3DV.

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Technology Review article on AI learns to learn | 07.2019

Our simulation work to train artifical perceiving systems has been featured in Technology Review.

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Interview on our current acitivities | 03.2019

Interview on our research acitivities appeared in our Camplus Magazine.

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ICRA paper 2019 accepted | 01.2019

Congrats to Thomas Gulde and the whole team.

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New HFSW Master program on Autonomous Driving | 01.2019

New Master on Autonomous Driving starting in winter of 2019.

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Bild der Wissenschaft - Gestaltung Digitaler Zukunft im Südwesten | 01.2019

Our neurorobotics research project was featured in a special publication from the BW-Württemberg foundation “Wie Forscher aus dem Südwesten die digitale Zukunft gestalten [www]” in the December 2018 edition of the German science magazine “Bild der Wissenschaft”.

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Talk at Studium Generale - Artificial Intelligence | 12.2018

Vortrag at the Studium Generale, Kuenstliche Intelligenz, Verantwortung fuer die Gesellschaft.

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Runner-up Best Paper Award at IEEE ITSC | 11.2018

We have received the Runner-up Best Paper Award at the 21th IEEE International Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC 2018) in November on Hawaii, USA.

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Workshop at the international Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2018 well received | 11.2018 Together with Dr. Michael Schilling from the HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA we have organized the third workshop on Machine Vision and Interfaces in Data Fusion Platforms for Automated Driving ITSC 2018, WS on November 4th. The workshop was visited very well and we had exciting dicussions afterwards.
Annual university research prize 2018 | 10.2018

Annual university research prize has been awarded to Cristobal Curio. More information.

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