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Bachelor-/ Master-/ and PhD - Theses

We offer interesting topics for Bachelor-/ Master- and also PhD - Theses in the area of cognitive systems, i.e. Human-Centered Computing (MeTI/ MKI). Depending on your background and interest you will work on challenging practical and/ or scientifically oriented computer science topics. You would contribute to the following mega-trends that are based on intelligent systems driven by modern methods, tools and emerging technologies:

  • Intelligent Transportation - cooperative autonomous vehicles, situation comprehension, (deep) machine-vision, environment & driving simulation, functional safety, HMIs, experiments
  • Interactive Robotics - (deep) machine-vision/ object recognition, navigation & planning, safety, human-robot interaction design, sensor simulation, Industry 4.0, social aspects, experiments
  • Digitization for Health - automation in biomed, (deep) machine-learning/ vision, assistive personalized services, affective and wearable computing, design of experiments
  • Motion-Capture 4.0, Eye-Tracking, 3D Body- and Object Scanning & Animation - fusion of interaction technology, data interfacing/ modelling, graphics pipelines, experimental set-ups

Your work will be relevant for at least one of the above domains. Our running projects (see selected projects on our webpage and below) offer you the opportunity to gain insights into projects we also carry out together with our partners from industry, universities and other research institutions in Germany but also abroad (e.g. DLR, Fraunhofer Society, Universities/Clinics and Max Planck Institutes in Tübingen/ Stuttgart).

You are very welcome to bring your own ideas.

Cristóbal Curio
Cristóbal Curio, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Building 9
Room 227

Phone +49 7121 271 4005

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Cristóbal Curio
Cristóbal Curio, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Building 9 , Room 227

Phone +49 7121 271 4005