Thomas Gulde

PhD Student

I’m a PhD student in the cognitive systems research group of the department of computer-science at Reutlingen-University. After my studies of electrical engineering and automation technologies (B.Eng.) at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart - Horb I joined the masters program Human-Centered Computing at Reutlingen-University.
My work mainly focuses on robotics, computer-vision and -perception, as well as human-centered, collaborative systems. We combine technologies and methods from these fields to create autonomous robotic systems, collaborative environments and assistive technologies.

I am currently involved in the research projects Kollaborativer Routenzug 4.0 (KollRo4.0) and KONSENS.



Gulde T., Ludl D., Andrejtschik J., Thalji S., Curio C. (2019): RoPose-Real: Real World Dataset Acquisition for Data-Driven Industrial Robot Arm Pose Estimation, 2019 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). Accepted


Baulig G., Gulde T., Curio C. (2018) Adapting Egocentric Visual Hand Pose Estimation Towards a Robot-Controlled Exoskeleton, 4th Workshop on Observing and Understanding Hands in Action, IEEE European Conference on Computer Vision, Munich, September 2018


Ludl D., Gulde T., Thalji S., Curio C. (2018): Using simulation to improve human pose estimation for corner cases, 21st IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), ​November 4-7, Hawaii, USA.
🥈 Runner-up Best Paper Award

PDF DOI Source - Pose Estimation (

Gulde T., Ludl D., Curio C. (2018): RoPose: CNN-Based 2D Pose Estimation of Industrial Robots, 14th IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), Munich, August



Gulde T., Kärcher S.*, Curio C. (2016): Vision-based SLAM navigation for vibro-tactile human-centered indoor guidance, ECCV/ACVR 2016 Workshop Paper | (* University of Osnabrück, feelspace GmbH)


since 2016Researcher & PhD Student, Reutlingen University / Reutlingen Research Institute (RRI)Robotics, Autonomous Navigation, Computer Vision, Motion Planning, Industry 4.0
2014-2016Human Centered Computing (M.Sc.), Reutlingen UniversityPart Time Software Developer, iT Engineering GmbH - 72124 Pliezhausen
Machine Simulation, PLC and High Level Programming
2011-2013Electrical Engineering - Automation Technologies (B.Eng.)
University of Cooperative Education Stuttgart - Campus Horb
Cooperative Education, bs ­Au­to­ma­ti­sie­rung GmbH - 72348 Rosenfeld
Robotics, PLC and High Level Programming, Computer Vision
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Thomas Gulde

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