New research project with the RBZ in AI

December 10, 2019

We are part of a new AI collaboration together with the RBZ.

Together with the RBZ we will explore the strengths of artifical intelligence and machine learning techniques in the are of automatic analog circuit design. The potential of AI in electronic industries is an emerging field.

We will apply modern machine learning techniques to support analog circuit design. We combine simulations, machine learning, optimization and human-centered approaches in order to support the analog circuit design process.

BMBF FHProfUnt PLASMA - Prozedurale Lernbasierte Automatisierung des Entwurfs Analoger Integrierter Schaltungen unter Verwendung von Machine-Learning-Ans├Ątzen

Duration: 10/2019-09/2022

Industry partners: Infineon, BOSCH more info soon